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Rogue Ranger Leather belt.

Rogue Ranger Leather belt.

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A MUST for any adventurer. This unisex belt is a basic garment for any wardrobe and it will change your life forever. Goodbye to the fabric bags or backpacks that hang and hinder your mobility. Can you imagine (surely it has happened to you) in the middle of a fight having to go to a corner and search desperately inside the bag? All mixed: the map, the dimerite bombs, the rope, the knives, the potions, the rupees... With the adventurer belt you could find everything quickly without stop running.

Besides being a very beautiful piece, this belt solves many of the comfort problems of any cosplayer, recreationalist or role-player.

A belt for having everything by hand, add items or remove them without having to take the belt off. Its design allows you to unzip the different sections and you can include a sword scabbard, a holster, purse, document holder, a bag for herbs, or any item that may be of help. Everything is perfectly adjusted so that you can take off your belt without anything in it falling off or moving around.
An expert advice: your larp or cosplay wardrobe starts here. You can use it in all kinds of events or cosplays: fantasy, steampunk, medieval, pirates... and with any race you play. You can even be a Jedi master or a Sith.

In addition, its design (two options of measurement) allows you to vary its size between three sizes, so that whether you wear it with nothing or if you put it on top of the armor, everything will remain centered and perfectly in place.

The belt fits on the back, so that the front buckle is always perfectly centered.
The design of closing buckles allows you to fasten them according to the aesthetics you prefer (the photos show some ways of placing the straps).

Made of high quality natural leather, hand dyed with vegetable dyes. Available in various colors (brown, dark brown and black). All our products are handmade, so they can contain small differences and imperfections that make them unique and special.

All the items you can appreciate in the photographs have been designed and created in our workshop.

If you need something, ask us. Maybe we already have it, or we can just design it for you.

Materials: leather,cuero,metal,dye,tinte

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