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Wood Potions box for House RAVENCLAW.

Wood Potions box for House RAVENCLAW.

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This object is not an official product. All copyright rights of images and logos belong to their respective owners (J. K. Rowling, Warner Bros, Mattel, etc.). This is a fan made article inspired by the movies, books, comics or videogames of the Harry Potter universe; it is a handcrafted piece of craftsmanship, with variations in its own design, and in no way an exact replica of any game, movie, comic prop or official merchandise. Any exact likeness to any copyrighted object is unintentional, and at no time is aimed at mass selling or competing in any way with licensed merchandising items.

Magic potions box for RAVENCLAW wizards.

When you are a magician you know there is something you should never lack: your personalized wand, a good broom, appropriate clothing according to your magical profession and of course your potions! Please, don’t tell me you keep them in a drawer or a bag. If Snape saw you now I'm sure he would take 10 points from your house. Or he would tell your boss at the Ministry.

Now you have at your disposal wooden boxes engraved with beautiful designs where you can store your best inventions and the most valuable and dangerous concoctions. A practical and stylish element to decorate your house, take to larps or perfect your cosplay.

- Small Box measures approx 12.5x7x4.5 cm 
- Medium Box measures approx 14.5x9.5x6.5 cm 
- Big Box measures approx 18x12x7 cm

Many models

- Boxes of your favorite magic school: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (England), Durmstrang Institute (Northern Europe) or Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (The Pyrenees). Also the Dumbledore Army, the stronghold of the Hogwarts resistance when the school was under the enemy's direction.

- Boxes of the Auror Division and the magic school Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (United States of America).

- Small boxes from each of the Hogwarts houses with a unique and valuable potion (or for Death Eaters with a big secret or dark mission). A discreet box with a potion related to the Deathly Hallows.

- Special chests, beautifully crafted, with a plaque with the symbol of the Auror Division, of Hogwarts (possibly belongs to the director's office or the Room of the necessities) or some other important symbol in the universe of Harry Potter.

Please note that we are not endorsed or affiliated in any way with J. K. Rowling or Warner Bros affiliated or parent companies, or any other entertainment company or their affiliates or parent companies. We do not hold any rights to use any copyrights or trademarks owned by mentioned above companies and their affiliates or parent companies, any other entertainment company and their affiliates or parent companies, any individuals. If it is believed that we violated any agreement, policy or regulation please contact us.

Materials: Metal,Wood,Glass,Fabric,Foam
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