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Odin Horns holder

Odin Horns holder

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In Norse mythology, Odin, the all-father, is an unforgettable character, and his Horn is one of the most recognizable Norse symbols. The Horn consists of three interlocking drinking horns, which symbolize inspiration and wisdom.

According to legend, two dwarves named Fjalar and Galar killed Kvasir, a being created from the spit of Vanir and Aesir, whose wisdom surpassed that of any human or god. The dwarves mixed Kvasir’s blood with honey and brewed a magical mead, which they poured into three horns named Óðrœrir/Odhroerir, Boðn, and Són. Anyone who drank this mead would be infused with Kvasir's wisdom and instantly become a poet or scholar.

If you're looking to carry your drinking or blowing horn in style, you can't go wrong with this belt holder.

The hooking system allows you to carry it in two positions: securely fixed to your waist belt, ideal for carrying your horn on your back during battle, or with our clever leather lobster clasp, to sling it lower for easy access as you stroll through the tavern.

With the clasp system, you can also leave the decorated leather hanger on the horn while you drink, showing off your horn to rivals as you enjoy the best mead.

The horn holder is adjustable and measures 20cm in circumference at its maximum, accommodating a range of horn sizes from 20cm and up.

Please note that the horn is not included.
We have several models of horns that you can choose to combine with this product.

Our horn holder is made from high-quality full-grain Spanish vegetable-tanned leather, dyed with vegetable dyes, and sewn and riveted by hand with utmost care and attention to detail. All our products have been carefully manufactured by hand and have been treated using the original aging and epic painting techniques of Outcast Props.
Each piece is unique, telling a story just as if it were fresh from a legendary adventure.
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