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Edward Kenway Black Flag Bracers.

Edward Kenway Black Flag Bracers.

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Price is for a single unit without the blade (but prepared for wear one just in case). You can buy it with the blade. Choose the option to see the corresponding price. Choose the color of the leather.

Hero or antihero, It depends on how the coin falls. The name of Edward Kenway gathers brave men under his black flag or causes his enemies to retreat like the tide.

Corsair, shipwrecked, condemned prisoner, murderer, greta British citizen ... all the faces of a single man, so much passion, greed, arrogance, regret and honor.

Now you can feel the protagonist of Assassins Creed: Black Flag, roam the Caribbean seas, and contact renowned pirates like Blackbeard, Rackham, Roberts, Mary Read, Anne Bonny or Charles Vane.

The cosplay of Kenway has become one of the most striking and imitated in all kinds of conventions. If you want that costume of the best quality, now you have at your disposal various pieces of his characteristic attire. The vambraces are handcrafted in thick leather of the highest quality, beautifully worked, and designed to be as comfortable as they are eye-catching. Our pieces are so resistant that you can transport them without fear of spoiling, unlike pieces of inferior quality or other materials that can easily break.

Materials: leather,metal, dye
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