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Pirate Chest Leather Bag

Pirate Chest Leather Bag

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Secondary Color
Pirate Chest leather bag. Take all your pirates needs with you in a treasure chest!
The bag can be hung from the shoulder, closed and secure.
These bags are quite versatile too, so it is easy to keep using it on any character you take it and for your common day too. It will add a nice touch to any costume.

Made out of 100% veg-tanned leather, hand-worked, and dyed in our workshop.

Length: 20cm, Width: 15cm, Height: 10cm.

You can buy the bag in the three basic colours (Brown, Dark Brown and Black)
The box of the photos is Dark Brown, and the primary color will be always combined with black.

You can customise the bag with two colours of your liking (Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)
Just select this option when you purchase the bag, and add a note with the primary and secondary color.

To buy a more personalised bag, contact us before purchasing it.
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