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6 Small Potion leather case.

6 Small Potion leather case.

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Beautifully decorated and very resistant potion case for 6 small bottles. You can hang it vertically from your belt, saving a lot of space. As you probably know, spices are something that go on a personal taste for everyone. Salt, pepper...everyone has their own taste for them, and it is always really difficult for cooks to get it right. Thankfully, we are selling this kit so you can carry your own spices with you! Isn't it convenient? What? Hemlock? Health potions? Amortentia? Well, yes, of course you could carry some of those with this kit, but why would anyone want to do so? ;)

These pieces are quite versatile too, so it is easy to keep using it on any character you take it with: Alchemists, noblemen, wizards, courtiers, healers, assassins...even cooks! Everyone has a good reason to carry around potions, antidotes, poisons, herbs, medicines, all in one convenient place, that will add a nice touch to any costume, and now you can do it in a classy way!
Introducing the Alchemist belt kit, this accessory will allow you to be ready to make your LARPs a little bit more spicy.

Made out of 100% veg tanned leather, hand worked and dyed in our workshop. Vials are safely secured in place thanks to our tight pattern so they do not fall down when you run or pass acrobatic checks with them, but the bottles will come out swiftly at your fingers' command.

**The content of the bottles is up to each Customer. Prop Corn is not responsible for whatever usage our customers do of this piece. Please do not handle to assassins, they tend to mess everything up**

Materials: cuero,metal,zinc,cristal,corcho,botellita,bote,frasco cristal,frasco
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