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Alchemist bracer with transmutation circle

Alchemist bracer with transmutation circle

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* The price of the listing is for a single vambrace.

The Alchemist Bracers, crafted from premium leather and meticulously dyed by hand using natural vegetable dyes. Each bracer is adorned with sturdy metal rivets and leather straps, ensuring a secure fit around the forearm.

While most bracers on the market cater to warriors, we believe that magicians and alchemists deserve accessories that reflect their mystical craft. That's why we've designed these bracers with protective elements and intricate alchemical circles, complete with four small glass vials to house your favorite potions, poisons, and elixirs.

A must-have for any magician or alchemist, these bracers are perfect for cosplay at conventions, live role-playing events, theatrical performances, or cinematic productions.

Explore our wide range of bracelets in our store and elevate your mystical character.

The bracer measures 18cm long, 17cm wide at the widest part (top), and 12cm wide at the bottom (wrist). The glass bottles measure 4cm tall, 1.7cm wide (diameter), with a bottle neck opening of 0.6cm.

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