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Alchemist Bag Potion Set

Alchemist Bag Potion Set

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Alchemist or medical leather bag, for potions and ingredients, with capacity for bottles of various sizes and a leather tray for utensils. An orderly way to carry all your products, well kept and classified. The bag can be hung from the shoulder, closed and secure. It can also be opened completely, like a small laboratory. It has an interior compartment to store sheets (recipes, for example). It has a lower external opening from which you can reach the plastic vials, a "quick access" for 4 emergency vials. Indispensable during the battle or at important moments, the most powerful potions or poisons very accessible, without needing to open the rest of the alchemy bag.

These bags are quite versatile too, so it is easy to keep using it on any character you take it with: Alchemists, wizards, healers, assassins... even cooks! Everyone has a good reason to carry around potions, antidotes, poisons, herbs, medicines, all in one convenient place, that will add a nice touch to any costume, and now you can do it in a classy way!

Made out of 100% veg tanned leather, hand worked and dyed in our workshop. Vials are safely secured in place thanks to our tight pattern so they do not fall down when you run with them, but the bottles will come out swiftly at your fingers' command.

Length: 20,5cm; Width: 12cm; Height: 13,5cm.

You can buy the bag in the three basic colors (Brown, Dark Brown and Black).
The box of the photos are a Black, and a Brown bag (always combined with black).

You can customize the bag with two colors of your liking (Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow) 
(To buy a personalized bag, contact with us)

It does come with the (empty) bottles showed on the pictures. The alchemy bag comes with 12 small bottles, 8 medium bottles, and 4 plastic vials.

**The content of the bottles is up to each customer. Outcast Props is not responsible for whatever usage our customers do of this piece. Please do not handle to assassins, they tend to mess everything up**

Materials: cuero,metal,cristal,corcho,botellita,frasco cristal,leather,glass,plastic,bottle,cork,tinte,dye

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