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Allure Magic Wand

Allure Magic Wand

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Indulge in enchantment with the Allure Wand, a captivating creation inspired by Art Nouveau design. Crafted with a floral-decorated handle and silver accents, this wand is a high-quality resin masterpiece. Immerse yourself in magical realms, perfect for LARP, Ren-Fair, and beyond. Ideal for wizards, sorcerers, witches, and fairy enthusiasts, the Allure Wand brings an artistic touch to your magical pursuits, elevating your mystical adventures with its unique allure.

Our company specializes in delivering magical equipment to sorcerers. Respect the magic! our wands aren't casually worn like Muggle mobiles! A true magician cherishes their wand as an extension of their own body.

Explore our collection of elegant wand holsters, available in belt, thigh, or practical shoulder options for wizards on the move. Similar to Muggle cops, these holsters are perfect for Aurors or action-oriented wizards requiring swift draws.

Crafted in resin and meticulously hand-painted, each wand is a singular work of art, measuring approximately 30-35cm. Embrace the subtle variations that ensures no two are exactly alike.

This wand model is part of our 'Assemble' collection, allowing you to mix and match handles and tips with any other wand from the series. Craft your own unique blend of magical essence and make your wand truly one-of-a-kind.
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