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5 Small Potion Holder

5 Small Potion Holder

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Belt potion holder for alchemists, medics, doctors or assassins. These pieces are quite versatile, so it is easy to keep using it on any character you take it with.

Made out of 100% natural leather, hand worked and tanned in our workshop. Bottles are safely secured in place thanks to our tight pattern so they do not fall down when you run or pass your acrobatic checks with them, but the bottles will come out swiftly at your fingers' command.

Sometimes there’s no time to set up a full alchemist laboratory nor space to carry a big bag of equipment, or you don’t have the time to search them in the middle of a fight. Sometimes assassins might use strange poisons and a generic antidote isn’t enough to solve that situation. Here is your alternative! Our belt potion holder will allow you to comfortably carry around up to 5 potions conveniently attached to any belt you want to use.

Our potion leather holder for belts and baldrics with 5 different potions can be used in complex situations where you might need to do some fast mixes to get the right potion or antidote. Do not settle for less and carry your ingredients on the same package!

The holder measures 18x8cm and can be used with belts up to 3,5 cm wide.

Note: Search in our shop for others potion holders (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 potions)... and different leather colors.
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