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Potion holder for two small bottles.

Potion holder for two small bottles.

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Are you an adventurer in the need to add potions but already have your belts full? Fear not, we bring you a potion holder design. Cross it on your chest with any other belt or strap that you have free and enjoy two additional potions! You can also add to your shoulders, boots cords, frog or scabbards strabs, and so on. These pieces are quite versatile too, so it is easy to keep using it on any character you take it with.

The holster design will also allow you to check your potions contents easily. The hollow space will let you see whether any of them is empty and have it refilled when needed.

The potion holder's strap is very tight so it will remain in place even if you need to pass an acrobatics check!

It can be used with belts up to 3.5cm wide.
Made out of 100% spanish natural leather, vegetal tanned and hand worked in our workshop.

Weight: 200 grms
Measures: 8x5x3 Cm

Note: Search in our shop for others potion holders, ready for 2,3,4,5 o even 6 potions, and with different leather colors availables.

**The content of the bottles is up to each Customer. We are not responsible for whatever usage our customers do of this piece.
Please do not handle it to assassins, they tend to mess everything up.

Materials: cuero,laton,hierro,vidrio,cristal,corcho
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