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Celtic Leather Greaves.

Celtic Leather Greaves.

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Breastplate, helm, bracers, shield... But what about the legs? Do you have them of stone or steel? If you are not a golem, PROTECT YOUR LEGS with armor, adventurer, or you're gonna explore very few dungeons in the future .

Goblins and halflings aim to the legs, and the infantry soldiers also aim there when you go on horseback. Experienced warriors do that too when your shield is not long enough. And the monsters that crawl in the dirt, the undead among them. So PROTECT YOUR LEGS.

These leather greaves are designed to be as eye-catching as practical. And very cool. Be careful, they will flirt more than you. Use them to perfect your costume as an explorer, rider or warrior. For medieval armor or fantasy.

For cosplay in conventions, larps, cosplay, or characterizations for theater or audiovisual.

Crafted in leather of excellent quality and hand-dyed, with rivets of metal, and horses, solar or Celtic or Nordic designs. Comfortable and complete.

The price includes a pair of greaves.

Materials: Leather,Cuero
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