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Dark Wizard bracer

Dark Wizard bracer

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Dark wizard bracers inspired by the Harry Potter universe, with Death Eater aesthetics.
Ideal to get your dark side in the best wizardry parties and events of the high magic society.

If you want to complement your mage, witch, witcher or warlock costume, these bracers are a sure bet to catch everyone's eyes. If you like the universe of Harry Potter or Fantastic Beast and how to find them, as well as if you want to play a dark wizard in a medieval fantasy LARP.
It is also ideal as a complement to the day's dress!

Made of high-quality leather, with vegetable tanning in Spain. Built through two layers of leather, one of them embossed and painted with metallic effect.
The size is adjustable and is intended to be worn over a jacket or garment.

Price it's for a single bracer.
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