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Darth Nihilus Leather Belt, Star Wars Cosplay, Champions of the force

Darth Nihilus Leather Belt, Star Wars Cosplay, Champions of the force

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Our Darth Nihilus belt is carefully constructed following all the instructions of the 501 fits CRL (Costume Reference Library).

Many of our clients are already part of the Legion wearing our armor. However, the design of the armor is not the only criterion used when approving members, since it also takes into account how the armor fit to the person according to the character. If you have questions, it is best to contact the GMLS or LMO of your area, sending them our pictures. They will be the person who can best advise you and give you a final decision.

Therefore we have included photos of some interesting details so that it is easier for you to obtain approval.
If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be able to solve it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to specify measures if you think you might be in between sizes. For larger sizes above 2XL don’t hesitate to contact us before making the order as prices might increase as we need to do changes to the patterns.

This listing is for the belt only. NO CLOTHES, MASK OR GLOVES INCLUDED.


This object is not an official product. This is a fan-made article inspired by the movies, books, comics or video games of the universe; it is a handcrafted piece of craftsmanship, with variations in its own design, and in no way an exact replica of any game, movie, comic prop or official merchandise. Any exact likeness to any copyrighted object is unintentional, and at no time is aimed at mass selling or competing in any way with licensed merchandising items.
Please note that we are not endorsed or affiliated in any way with LucasFilm or Disney affiliated or parent companies, or any other entertainment company or their affiliates or parent companies. We do not hold any rights to use any copyrights or trademarks owned by mentioned above companies and their affiliates or parent companies, any other entertainment company and their affiliates or parent companies, any individuals. If it is believed that we violated any agreement, policy or regulation please contact us.

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