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Shadowbinders Bracers

Shadowbinders Bracers

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The Shadowbinders Bracers are perfect for adding astonishing looks to your character, whether you're a mage, wizard, witch, sorcerer, witcher, warlockor or arcane master.  
Perhaps you're a noble with a taste for the esoterical, an elven sage, or even a Death Eater from the Harry Potter universe. These bracers are an ideal choice for complementing your costume, cosplay or LARP outfit. Plus, they're extremely comfortable and elegant for everyday wear.

Shadowbinders bracers in black are ideal for embracing your dark side at the most prestigious wizardry parties and events in high magical society. If you prefer to steer clear of the dark side, they're also available in brown or silver, lending a distinguished look to your attire.

Measurements: 16cm long, 17cm at the widest part, and 13cm at the wrist.

Crafted from high-quality leather, vegetable-tanned in Spain.

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