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Derringer Ankle leather Holster.

Derringer Ankle leather Holster.

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A hidden gun in the ankle is the backup weapon in case things get ugly, if there is no diplomacy left and you have to move to aggressive negotiations. And in a gunfight, is gonna be a great help if you main weapon jams or you run out of ammunition. Access to the ankle gun is faster and more natural from the physical position of a driver.

The ankle holster is a very interesting characterization element, which gives your character an intrepid, dangerous and at the same time astute and cautious air. The pistols on the ankle are a very characteristic element of gangster, police and spy films. Perfect for cosplay, larps, costumes and for plays or audiovisuals.

You have at your disposal a holster leather ankle, resistant, and that holds the gun tight but allows great accessibility.

This product is handmade with high quality Spanish vegetable tanned leather, dyed with vegetable dyes, and sewn and riveted by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. All our products are made by hand, so they can contain small differences and imperfections that make them unique and special.

Choose among the three basic leather colors: brown, dark brown and black.

Check all our sheaths in high quality leather.

* The derringer is a replica

Materials: metal,leather,cuero,plastic,dye,tinte
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