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Drinking Horn Brass Rim 30-35cm & Horn Stand

Drinking Horn Brass Rim 30-35cm & Horn Stand

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Drinking Horn with Brass Trim and Horn Stand.

Looking for a unique and authentic way to enjoy your favorite beverages?
Look no further! Inspired by the iconic drinking horns of the medieval age, we bring you this amazing piece, so you can indulge in an authentic and extraordinary drinking experience.

Decorative brass adds an extra touch of elegance to your drinking experience. The brass rim is usually placed around the edge of the horn to add a touch of style and ease of drinking, while the prongs are placed at the bottom of the horn to add strength and class. These decorative elements are made of hammered brass.

Measuring between 30 and 35cm in length, with a capacity of 300 to 500 ml.

As a natural, handcrafted product, there will be variations in size, shape, and color to that shown in the images ranging from black to white with various shades of gray in between. Additionally, due to the natural nature of the product, these drinking horns may exhibit small imperfections, marks, and scratches, however, these slight variations only add to the unique character and beauty of each horn.
If you want something specific, please contact us prior to ordering, and we can let you know if we can fulfill your specific request. If you do not have a preference, we will randomly select one of the items in the size range for this product.

The included wrought horn stand makes it easy to keep your horn upright on any flat surface.

Ethically sourced from by-products of the meat industry, each horn is lovingly salvaged, cleaned, and reconditioned to give new life to a natural product.
Enjoy your favorite drinks with peace of mind, knowing that our craftsmen have sculpted and polished each horn to a beautiful finish that is safe to drink from.

Perfect for historical reenactments, LARP events, festivals, or as a decorative piece in your home, our cow horn drinking vessels are sure to impress. Order now and experience the authentic taste of the Viking age!
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