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Earth Ranger Rogue Leather armor set

Earth Ranger Rogue Leather armor set

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Primary color
An excellent female leather armor, nice and comfortable to wear for many hours.
The chestplate leaves plenty of room for mobility, and the accordion-shaped waist pieces allow you to flex and sit like you're not wearing armor.
Its symmetrical shape gives a lot of personality to the whole look, getting out of the norm.

If you want to play a character that has armor pieces but is agile, this armor is ideal for scouts, archers, skirmishers, and rogues. It's also perfect for post-apocalyptic settings, and we can even give it a dirty, rusty finish if you want.

We offer this set in two sizes, medium (one size) and large (one size plus). The medium fits most sizes, from S to L. The large goes from an XL to a 3XL.
For other more specific measures, consult in advance.

The set includes:

- Shoulder Pad
- Chest armor
- Belt
- Tassets

You can purchase it separately too.

This product is handmade with high-quality full-grain Spanish vegetable tanned leather, dyed with vegetable dyes, sewn, and riveted by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail.
All our products have been carefully manufactured by hand and have been treated using the original aging and epic painting techniques of Outcast Props.
Each piece is unique, and its appearance tells a story, just out of a legendary adventure.
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