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Rogue leg harness set.

Rogue leg harness set.

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Primary color
Our alchemist harness is specially designed to carry everything an alchemist, assassin, or rogue needs at their fingertips.
The harness design allows you to eliminate excess purses or bags on your waist while adding a sexy and cool touch.
Contains 5 small glass potion, very resistant and well secured with our unique fixing system. It also contains 3 clear vials ( made of plastic for safety reasons) closed with 100% natural cork and secured inside a leather pouch. And finally, a multipurpose small bag to finish your kit with some stuff to your liking. In addition, this last accessory can be removed from the harness at will and can be replaced by an extra potion holster or any other accessory with loops that you have.

The harness is attached to the leg with a very adjustable strap, and with two small leather carabiners to your belt, to prevent it from sliding down and being annoying when walking or running.

This piece is made with premium full-grain leather, using the ancient Spanish vegetable tanning techniques.
The whole piece has been carefully manufactured by hand, and like all our products are hand-dyed. Each piece is unique, and its appearance tells a story, as just out of a legendary adventure.

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