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Wand Holster laced

Wand Holster laced

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You have just finished your studies in the Magic School of Wizardry and you are ready to face with your wand all the dangers that could cross your path. But of course, you will not always carry the wand in your hand, and you will not longer wear the Hogwarts tunic to keep it. What are you going to do now? Do not fear, we have several models of wand holsters, specially designed for all kinds of mages. From Aurors to Death Eaters, in our store you can find what you are looking for. And if not, we'll made it just for you!

Made of high quality natural leather, hand dyed with vegetable dyes. Available in several colors and perfect for hanging on belts up to 5cm wide.

This wand case is designed to fit most wands on the market, including official Harry Potter replicas. However, if your wand it's not too large, we have other closed holsters with decorative rivets, to keep safe all small and medium types of wands.

The overall lenght (including the loop to hang it from) is 28cm, and only the sheath part is 19cm.

Materials: cuero,metal,laton,lazo,cordon de cuero

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