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Leather Mug holder

Leather Mug holder

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This leather mug holder for your belt, it's a must-have item.

You never know when an opportunity for a drink is going to present itself. The veteran adventurer it's aware that you always have to be prepared because even in the most remote places, or after a hard battle, a moment to sit down and enjoy a good drink cannot be wasted because you have not brought your mug!

Don't be like those dirty soldiers drinking out of their helmets, or worse yet, those rigor breakers who drink on cans or plastic cups!

With this elegant piece of leather, you can always have your mug firmly at hand. Our closure system is much better than the clasp types, or cumbersome laces.

In addition, this piece is also useful to carry many other things, such as a good bunch of keys, rope, and many other accessories.

We have several models of engravings, and if you still want something more personalized, ask us if we can engrave the logo of your faction or the shield of your house.

This listing is for a single mug strap. The mug is not included. The belt is sold separately in my shop.
The mug holder fits belts up to 3cm wide.

This product is handmade with high-quality full-grain Spanish vegetable-tanned leather, dyed with vegetable dyes, stamped, and riveted by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail.
All our products have been carefully manufactured by hand and have been treated using the original aging and epic painting techniques of Outcast Props.
Each piece is unique, and its appearance tells a story just out of a legendary adventure.
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