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Samurai Dragon Bracers

Samurai Dragon Bracers

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Our Samurai Dragon Leather bracers are designed to evoke the warrior spirit of the Samurai. They will captivate you with their metallic golden hue and intricate dragon engravings. Crafted from premium leather, they provide exceptional comfort and durability while adding a touch of grandeur to your attire.

Perfect for cosplay and LARP, you can choose to wear only the bracers, showcasing their impressive design and letting everyone know you follow the path of Bushido. Alternatively, add our handplates to complete your warrior ensemble and be fully prepared for your iaido or kenjutsu tournaments.

Make an impression with these unique accessories that reflect the age-old spirit of Japanese Samurai. Get ready to mesmerize onlookers and unleash the power of the dragon with every move!

This premium piece is crafted using old Spanish vegetable tanning techniques, ensuring the finest quality leather. Carefully manufactured by hand, each vambrace is unique, boasting an appearance that tells a story, as though fresh out of a legendary adventure.

Handcrafted in thick, high-quality leather, these vambraces are beautifully worked and designed for both comfort and eye-catching appeal.

The measurements for the arm part (the bracer itself without the handplate) are 22cm long, 32cm at the widest part (top), and 20cm wide at the bottom (wrist).

Our vambraces are exceptionally resistant, allowing you to transport them without fear of spoiling, unlike inferior-quality pieces or those made from easily breakable materials.

Don't forget to check out our stunning Samurai Dragon greaves to complete the set!
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