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Dragon Scale Wand

Dragon Scale Wand

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The Dragon Scale wand is known for having created deep bonds with magicians of great power in the history of the magical world. Destined to perform legendary quests, they have inclined the balance of good and evil in the wizardry world for centuries.

The wand chooses the wizard.

It is time to have your wand, and our company specializes in sending magical artifacts to sorcerers who do not have time to personally approach the Ollivander workshop or the prestigious Draculescu family. But how can I choose my wand if I am not there in person? It is not you who chooses the wand; It is the wand who chooses its owner.

Our company has the services of the renowned seers of the Order of the one-eyed cyclops. Bad tongues say it's random, but it's not true. It's not that they choose the one they want, it's that they choose the right one. It never fails!

Ask us for a wand and let the oracles pocket the wand that is intended for you.

It is not worn on a sleeve or pants as if it were a Muggle mobile! Respect! Remember that a magician takes care of his wand as if it were an extension of his own body.

Check out our elegant wand holsters selection. You can take it in a belt holder, thigh, or the practical shoulder holster for wands and potions, similar to Muggle cops, for Aurors or action wizards that require a lot of mobility and be able to draw quickly.

Our wands are made by hand, with wood and resin, and hand painted.
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