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Leather Roman Musculata

Leather Roman Musculata

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In classical antiquity, the muscular armor or lorica musculata was one of the most popular. Represented innumerable times in video games and movies, the anatomical or heroic cuirass is a type of breastplate that fits the torso of the wearer and is designed to imitate an idealised human physicist according to the Greek vision.

If you want to dress like a true Roman general, or a Greek deity, this armor can not be missing in your outfit.

Made with vegetable tanned cowhide leather, slightly hardened and hand-dyed. The whole piece has been textured and aged using various weathering techniques used in the film industry, to give it a unique and realistic look, like something out of a movie or video game.

An armour with a thousand stories to tell, worthy of the best of heroes.

The armour is suitable to EU Alpha size from M to L.
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