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Ornated Magic Wand Holster or Sheath

Ornated Magic Wand Holster or Sheath

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The decorations of this leather wand sheath are reminiscent of those used by the Death Eaters in the dark age, although brown version are also classic designs used by the most respectable and revered magicians of all Europe.

This wand case is designed to fit most wands on the market, including official replicas. The sheath is open in its lower part, to fit those wands of great length, remembering the short sheaths of the swords in medieval times.
The loop is perfect for hanging on belts up to 5cm wide.
The overall lenght (including the loop to hang it from) is 31cm, and only the sheath part is 23cm.

This piece is made with premium leather, using the old Spanish vegetable tanning techniques.
The entire piece has been carefully manufactured by hand. Each piece is unique, and its appearance tells a story, like fresh out of a legendary adventure.
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