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Potion Bottle with Leather Holder

Potion Bottle with Leather Holder

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Leather colour
The life of the adventurer is full of dangers, and although you can be very skilled, there is something you should always have at hand: Magic Potions! the more, the better. A sip of health potion is more effective than a darning and an herb poultice. Speed can save your life, refill your mana pool or become stronger than your opponent.

Magic concoctions. Healing, magic, stamina, resurrect... Make sure you take one with you and face the adventure.

Link would not have evolved from being a pixilated dwarf in Zelda to the HD if he had not had a reserve of potions with which to face the Final Boss.
The Hero would not have reached the Diablo III version, nor to the end of Skyrim.

The bottle is made of plastic, so you can run and play safe with it without fear to fall over it and injure yourself or others with broken glass pieces. Perfect for LARPing safety, also costumes and cosplays as is light and comfortable.

The strips are made with good quality leather so is strong and safe, you will not loose it!
You will look cool and you can drink from it :)

Select the color of leather and the colour of bottle you want.
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