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Wolfgang Demon Hunter Bracers

Wolfgang Demon Hunter Bracers

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Demon hunters, mages, wizzards, witches & warlocks, ritualists, cultist, students of the arcane... you can now step into a world of fantasy with our premium leather demon hunters bracers.

These leather bracers are not just a fashion accessory, they are a statement of your courage and determination. They are the perfect companion for your adventures in a world full of dangers and mysteries. Whether you are hunting demons, exploring ancient ruins, or fighting for justice, these bracers will protect you and make you look awesome ;)

Our Wolfgang bracers feature intricate engravings of symbols of protection against demons and various magical geometries, giving them an epic and aged appearance. Available in multiple colors, these bracers are the perfect accessory to add a touch of adventure to any outfit.

They are designed to fit most sizes and come with four leather cords that can be adjusted to your preferred size. The part that covers your hand fits snugly around your ring finger with an elastic band, allowing for ease of movement and flexibility.

The bracers are made of two types of leather, one thick laminated, the other soft and flexible to fit your arm without restricting mobility.

Whether you're looking to complete your medieval costume or add a touch of fantasy to your everyday wardrobe, our premium leather bracers are the perfect choice. Experience the thrill of the hunt with our demon hunter-inspired leather bracers.

THE PRICE OF THE LISTING IS FOR A SINGLE BRACER. Check our wide range of vambraces in our store, and combine them as you wish.

This product is make with high-quality full-grain Spanish vegetable-tanned leather, dyed with vegetable dyes, riveted by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail.

All our products have been carefully manufactured by hand and have been treated using our original aging and epic painting techniques. Each piece is unique, and its appearance tells a story just out of a legendary adventure.

Perfect for cosplay in conventions, LARPs, costume, or characterizations for theater or audiovisual.

The measurements for the arm part (the bracer itself without the handplate) measures 22 cm long, 32 cm on the widest part (top), and 20 cm wide at the bottom (wrist).

Our pieces are so resistant that you can transport them without fear of spoiling unlike pieces of inferior quality or other materials that can easily break.
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