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Rohirrim horses engraved Bracer.

Rohirrim horses engraved Bracer.

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Primary color
* The price of the listing is for a single vambrace. The basic price is for the cord fastening. There are two kinds of fastening: cords or buckles; choose your option (the price is different).

Rohirrim armband to protect the wrist and forearm, for archery arm guard or sword or ax fighting.

Vikings, Romans, dwarves, Celts, Elven, Gondor, Rohirrim, pirates ... Bracers are both an important piece of armor and a way to clearly distinguish the origin of your character.

Known as Horse-lords, the men of Rohan are a very important human people in fantasy universe. The Rohirrim were recognized riders and horse breeders. His army was mainly composed of cavalry, divided into units called éoreds.

The bracers are essential for any period, medieval or fantasy cosplay, and without them, most of the outfits seem unfinished.

Pieces made of high quality leather and hand tanned with vegetable dye, metal rivets and leather strips to fit the forearm. Various decorations. The color may slightly differ from appearance on the foto.

Perfect for cosplay in conventions, larps, costume, or characterizations for theater or audiovisual.

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Materials: cuero,remaches,metal,tinte,leather,dye,cord,cordón
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