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Samurai Armoured Pair Bracers

Samurai Armoured Pair Bracers

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Samurai armor bracers made of leather and iron. Best protection for every samurai or ronin out there.
Leather can be Black or Brown.

If you want personalized leather or metal colors, choose the "personalized" option and let us known.
You can choose the color of the soft leather, the hard leather, which can be brown, dark brown, black, red, yellow, blue, green, or white (for more colours ask first).
And the color of the iron plates, which can be iron, smoked iron and darkened iron.

For example, the images show: Brown soft leather, dark brown hard leather, and smoked iron.

Do not miss this opportunity to get one of these limited items, and make the difference in your cosplay with a touch of excellent quality.

The vambraces are handcrafted in thick leather of the highest quality, beautifully worked, and designed to be as comfortable as they are eye-catching.
The iron parts have been handmade forged and blued with acid, so the color won't come out with use.
The measurements for the arm part (the bracer itself without the handplate) measures 22cm long, 32cm on the widest part (top), and 20cm wide at the bottom (wrist).

This piece is made with premium leather, using the old Spanish vegetable tanning techniques, and iron strips riveted over the leather.
The entire piece has been carefully manufactured by hand. Each piece is unique, and its appearance tells a story, like fresh out of a legendary adventure.
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