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Oni Samurai Mempo

Oni Samurai Mempo

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Revive the mystical realm of ancient Japan with our Oni Samurai Mempo Mask. Crafted with a touch of fantasy and artistry, it embodies the fierce spirit of legendary warriors.
Let its hand-painted details transport you to a world of honor and strength.

Made from high-quality resin, this masterpiece offers not just visual appeal but also durability. The intricate design captures the essence of oni folklore, making it perfect for cosplay or LARP adventures.
With its comfortable fit and striking aesthetics, embrace the power and authenticity of the samurai spirit.

Designed for versatility, the Oni Samurai Mempo Mask is one size fits most, accompanied by an extra foam piece for small noses. Suitable for heads/faces between S-XL sizes, with the option for custom dimensions upon request. Reach out before purchasing for personalized orders tailored to your specifications.
The elastic band and tensors ensure a secure fit – one band around your neck, and the other must be placed on the crown of your head.

Elevate your collection with this unique Oni Mempo Mask.
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