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Sedrik leather warrior armor set

Sedrik leather warrior armor set

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Have you ever wanted to be a Celtic hero worthy of the legends of the Mabinogion? Or perhaps you aspire to become a fierce Viking who strikes fear into the hearts of opponents?

Step into a realm of medieval fantasy with our astonishing Sedrik leather armor set.

The craftsmanship of this set is truly impressive, fully adorned with stunning engravings and details to give the armor a noble and epic look, while avoiding excess. Engravings decorating each piece include Celtic knots, Viking motifs, and powerful runes, and the final touches of aging and battle damage stress empower the armor with realistic appeal and tell a heroic story.

The armor is meticulously crafted to blend both comfort and a breathtaking appearance. Its adjustable fit via robust brass buckles, highlighted in an antique gold finish, not only introduces elegance but also ensures a secure fit. This offers an impressive fusion of comfort and visual appeal.

This remarkable armor accommodates warriors of most sizes, allowing you to embody the essence of a true legendary hero in this awe-inspiring ensemble.

If your measurements exceed XXL, please inform us in advance so we can create a larger version tailored just for you.

The full set includes a helmet, breastplate, rabbit fur mantle, shoulder pads, bracers, shin guards, and a battle skirt.

Tailored specifically for LARP enthusiasts, it guarantees mobility, comfort and durability during endless epic adventures.
Enhance your medieval journey with this extraordinary armor ensemble, where masterful craftsmanship converges with the charm of Viking and Celtic designs.
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