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Steampunk Derringer Garter Holster.

Steampunk Derringer Garter Holster.

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They say that a woman's weapons are beauty, good forms, education ... well, we thought maybe something more direct like a bullet in the head can also be very effective, although perhaps not so subtle. This sexy leather garter will crush many men’s dreams with a BANG! Small but deathly, this garter includes a Derringer pistol and some bullets. A lethal accessory for your western costume, Steampunk, fantastic, vintage or Post apocalyptic!

This product is made with real natural leather of different thicknesses and lacing to give it a nice lingerie look, but with a lot of resistance and quality. It is designed as a multi size, with buckles and holes like a belt so it can fit almost everyone from 35cm to 71 cm contour. If you want a specific measure, colour or specification, do not hesitate to contact us for a custom order.

In order to being attractive jet comfortable, we have included an additional strap so that you can hold it from a belt, so you don't have to tighten it too strong to keep it in the right place. This strap is independent to the garter, so you can use it or not as you want.

The gun has trigger action, but it does not fire anything. The hammer moves when firing and will make a small sound, but cannot fire projectiles or be used with caps. If you want us to modify the weapon to detonate caps, please contact us for a personalized order.

*This gun is a replica, perfect for collectionist, cosplay and larp players, not an actual pistol.

Materials: Cuero,metal,remaches,blonda,lenceria,derringer,juguete
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