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Mjolnir Hugin & Munin Vambraces

Mjolnir Hugin & Munin Vambraces

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Viking bracer to protect the wrist and forearm, for archery or sword or ax fighting.

This bracer is engraved with the crows Hugin and Munin and the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir.

Hugin and Munin were the informants and messengers of the father of the gods, Odin. Hugin is the "thought" and Munin is the "memory." Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor, the most powerful weapon of the Nordic gods. With it the god of the storm could face the giants of ice or the great snake that will devour the world.

Vikings, Romans, dwarves, Celts, Elven, Gondor, Rohirrim, pirates ... Bracers are both an important piece of armor and a way to clearly distinguish the origin of your character.

The bracers are essential for any period, medieval or fantasy cosplay, and without them, most of the outfits seem unfinished.


Pieces made of high-quality leather and hand-tanned with vegetable dye, metal rivets, and leather strips to fit the forearm. Various decorations. The color may slightly differ from the appearance on the photo.

Perfect for cosplay in conventions, larps, costume, or characterizations for theater or audiovisual.

The measurements for the Medium size are 22,5cm long, 18,5cm on the widest part, and 14cm on the wrist part.
The measurements for the Large size are 26cm long, 23cm on the widest part, and 17cm on the wrist part.

Please take into consideration to allow at least 1 or 2cm to fasten the cords. That means, your wrist should be at least 18-19cm to wear the large version.

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