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Horn Mug Celtic Knot 700-1300ml

Horn Mug Celtic Knot 700-1300ml

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Drink like a true Viking with this authentic horn mug!
Experience a truly medieval adventure in style with this horn tankard! No need to worry about spills, thanks to its ingenious design. This tankard provides the perfect way for fans of Vikings, kelts and fantasy lovers to immerse themselves in their favorite era, without sacrificing authenticity or comfort.

Viking drinking horns have a long and storied history in Norse culture. They were often used during feasts and celebrations, and were a symbol of hospitality and generosity. The horns were usually filled with mead, which was a popular alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey. In addition to being used for drinking, horns were also used as a decorative item and were often adorned with intricate carvings and engravings.
While drinking horns were primarily used by Vikings, they were also used by other cultures throughout history. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans also used drinking horns during feasts and celebrations. Today, drinking horns are still popular among fans of Norse mythology and are frequently used at medieval-themed events and Renaissance fairs.

Perfect for mead, ale, or wine.

Each natural horn tankard boasts a carved design and polished wood on the bottom. Hand-carved with care, the tankard feature a beautiful Celtic knot.
Available in two sizes, to suit the needs of all heavy drinkers, these large tankards are perfect for sharing with fellow Viking enthusiasts.

XL: 700-900 ml - 24-30 Oz
XXL: 950-1300 ml - 32-44 Oz
Horns measures around 6–8 inches (15-20 cm)

As a natural, handcrafted product, there will be variations in size, shape, and color to that shown in the images ranging from black to white with various shades of gray in between, but the carved design remains consistent. Additionally, due to the natural nature of the product, these drinking horns may exhibit small imperfections, marks, and scratches, however, these slight variations only add to the unique character and beauty of each horn.
If you want something specific, please contact us prior to ordering, and we can let you know if we can fulfill your specific request. If you do not have a preference, we will randomly select one of the items in the size range for this product.

To clean, simply use a sponge and dish soap and hand washing. Cleanse the mug using a soft towel immediately after washing. Avoid the dishwasher to preserve the horn's integrity.

Ethically sourced from by-products of the meat industry, each horn is lovingly salvaged, cleaned, and reconditioned to give new life to a natural product.
Enjoy your favorite drinks with peace of mind, knowing that our craftsmen have sculpted and polished each horn to a beautiful finish that is safe to drink from.
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