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WOW Horde Leather Bracelet

WOW Horde Leather Bracelet

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Show your true colors as a proud member of The Horde, and make it clear to your enemies and allies where your loyalty and values ​​reside.
This wristband is a good piece of clothing either for your day to day, as for any fantasy event, LARP or convention.

The Horde is made up of orcs, forsaken, tauren, trolls, blood elves, and most recently, goblins. Misunderstood and cast aside, these diverse and powerful races strive to overcome their differences and unite as one in order to win freedom for their people and prosper in a land that has come to hate them.
In the Horde, action and strength are valued above diplomacy, and its leaders earn respect by the blade, wasting no time with politics. The brutality of the Horde's champions is focused, giving a voice to those who fight for survival.

This piece is made with premium leather, using the ancient Spanish vegetable tanning techniques.
The wpiece has been carefully manufactured by hand, and has been treated using the original aging and epic painting techniques of Outcast Props. Each piece is unique, and its appearance tells a story, as just out of a legendary adventure.

This is not an official product, it is just a fanmade creation inspired in the Word of Warcraft universe developed and owned by Blizzard Entertainment.
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